2 Days After Being Released, Comedian Akuku Danger Was Readmitted to the Hospital in Severe Condition – Please Pray for Him!


Churchill Show comic Akuku Danger has been readmitted at the Nairobi West Hospital subsequent to creating breathing inconveniences.

His better half Sandra Dacha shared the tragic news via online media and said he is at present conceded in the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

“We are back to the medical clinic once more. Challenges in breathing once more.

“He is presently at the HDU right now. Continue to petition God for Akuku Danger,” she composed.

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The well known jokester was formally released from the emergency clinic on January 24, 2022.

He was permitted to return home in the wake of drafting a settlement on how he planned to get his remarkable hospital expense free from Sh 2 Million inside three weeks.

Akuku has been in and out of medical clinic in the beyond couple of months, engaging Sickle Cell Anemia, an ongoing condition that endures through an individual’s lifetime.