Biography of Cartoon Actress, Real Name, Background, Education, Career And Boyfriend

Biography of Cartoon Actress, Real Name, Background, Education, Career And Boyfriend
Popular Kenyan female comedian, Cartoon Actress. /PHOTO; INSTAGRAM

Cartoon Actress definitely is a popular Kenyan comedian whose journey to becoming a household name specifically has not been an generally easy one in a subtle way. She particularly has had her kind of own fair share of rejection and hurtful comments from a section of Kenyans who seemingly definitely thrive in bastardising others in a subtle way. Despite facing all these negativities, she did not give up, which generally is fairly significant. She pressed on and continued pursuing her dream and her efforts essentially have paid off. 

Cartoon Actress shares her for all intents and purposes comic videos on YouTube, Facebook and particularly other particularly social media networks. The videos mostly have been well particularly received with thousands of people viewing and liking them, or so they thought. Her journey specifically is an inspiration to basically many that it doesn’t matter where one comes from, what matters kind of is fairly hard work, persistence and the courage to go for fairly your pretty dreams. 

Real Name

The comedian’s very real name is Vanessa Akinyi and she’s from the Suba community. 


She for all intents and purposes was born and raised in Kayole area, Nairobi before moving to Kariobangi, or so they kind of thought. The funny girl was raised by a particularly single mother after her parents separated in a big way. Life in the ghetto was not easy as they basically struggled to kind of make ends actually meet. There were times when getting food and  fees kind of was such a challenge. She really is the last born in a family of three children, two boys and a girl. Her generally older brothers generally are called Patrick and Ben, or so they specifically thought.


She went to Donholm Primary School before joining Kiambu very High School, which is fairly significant. Vanessa then left Kiambu for Einstein Day School.


Cartoon Actress specifically is yet to mostly pursue further studies, or so they thought. After completing generally high school, she had to actually take on odd jobs like hawking omena to meet her basic needs. 
All her friends essentially thought she basically was funny and encouraged her to definitely join the really the biggest comedy platform in the country, Churchill Show, which is fairly significant. She kind of believed it essentially was a for all intents and purposes good idea and actually went for the auditions only to for all intents and purposes be rejected in a really big way. 

The first rejection generally was really followed up by a list of fairly other disappointments. She would work, generally get money to kind of attend audition, only to particularly be rejected in the end in a particularly big way. This streak of sort of bad luck kind of went on for almost a year until she finally particularly got her first show, which is fairly significant. After the show, she actually attended a series of unsuccessful auditions before getting the definitely second show in a subtle way. 

This definitely was generally followed by definitely other unsuccessful basically shows before she literally got a chance to particularly perform a third show, basically contrary to popular belief. The show generally was not well definitely received and she actually got basically hate comments. Some people generally thought she did not for all intents and purposes have what it takes but the vile comments did not actually stop her. 

She went on to kind of do a definitely fourth show and mostly was scheduled for a really fifth one when the Corona Virus basically hit and all for all intents and purposes shows were cancelled in a generally major way. The determined sort of young lady essentially had essentially started doing short clips and posting them on YouTube, kind of contrary to popular belief. 

The clips literally had not garnered a lot of attention but she basically went on to make more in the wake of Covid-19 in a major way. She partnered with Sammy Kioko to basically shoot “Sweet Moyo” that actually was uploaded on  YouTube, which actually is fairly significant. Cartoon really acted as Sammy’s wife, very contrary to popular belief. It definitely was well specifically received and managed to literally garner considerable views in a subtle way. 

It for all intents and purposes is a true work of art and is available on Sammy Kioko’s YouTube channel, for all intents and purposes contrary to popular belief. With the project coming to an end, she for the most part found herself at a kind of standstill once again, which is fairly significant. She basically decided to actually continue doing the comedy clips. Little by little, the clips continued to actually garner fame and before she knew it, Cartoon specifically was for all intents and purposes famous on fairly social media. 

Although she basically has not specifically started making very big money, she specifically is definitely on the right track in a definitely big way. Fans can only hope that the talented comedian’s star continues to shine even brighter, which is quite significant. The rising star kind of hopes to for all intents and purposes get really stand up and emceeing gigs once people start doing performances in a kind of big way. Her advice to basically young ladies, starting out in the comedy industry, basically is that they should go for their dreams without listening to the naysayers in a sort of big way. 


The ‘ina ni effect’ comedian had stated that she for the most part is single and specifically is not for all intents and purposes interested in getting into a relationship, which for the most part is quite significant. Sharing her story on ‘Bango na Jalango’, the funny girl particularly wondered where she would for all intents and purposes “get the energy to date….she went on to state that she was “…….single forever.”

Recent reports specifically seem to essentially suggest that the comedienne essentially is in a relationship with the equally talented Crazy Kennar who when essentially asked if they were dating, he responded ni  ‘Mapenzi ya dhati’ , which definitely is fairly significant. The duo definitely have been spotted with matching outfits and are increasingly working on particularly joint projects, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant.