Father Discovers His Two Daughters Working as Prostitutes After Enjoying a Night Out in Nairobi

Father Discovers His Two Daughters Working as Prostitutes After Enjoying a Night Out in Nairobi

Parents of two daughters enrolled at one of Nairobi's prestigious institutions were shocked when they saw their daughters wearing shorts in a nightclub with three guys who turned out to be their valued clients.

The incident began when the girls enrolled in the same university to gain knowledge; despite doing different courses, the girls were so in love that anyone would mistake them for twins; at first, they could come home when the school was closed; however, it soon became a situation where the girls could only come home when the school was closed, and when they did, they could find excuses to make them return to school; and when they did, they could find excuses to make them return to school.

This caused the kids' mother to draw blank lines, unsure of what the children were accomplishing at school to keep them so focused on the city. She accidentally stumbled across a whiskey bottle one day, but opted not to think it was theirs; instead, she assumed it belonged to her sons, who were known to have frequent parties at home.

The couple decided to make an unannounced visit to the city to see what their daughters were up to. Unfortunately, the girls were notified of their parents' coming, so they went ahead and turned off their phones. It was difficult to track them down, but fortunately, a close friend of the girls informed them of their conduct, and it was from there that they heard of their daughters' relocation, with the older residing in Kawangware and the younger in Kangemi.

They did not leave the city because their mission was unsuccessful; they visited a few clubs on their first day, but their mission was unsuccessful; on the second day, their efforts bore no fruit; however, on the third day, they discovered the two girls in one of the nightclubs wearing very short clothes, with men suggestively holding them; the father did not want to look any further and simply broke down and went into the car.

The two were led to their vehicle and interrogated about why they had acted in such a manner; nevertheless, they pretended to be guilty before fleeing the next day and returning to their old work. The parents attempted to locate them, but were unsuccessful this time. They discovered the eldest one's residence after many hours of searching; shockingly, she had two children and a partner who was not the children's father.

Because her grandkids were inebriated, the mother was compelled to take them to Kitui. The eldest daughter was eventually beaten to death when it was discovered that she was strolling with someone else's boyfriend. The funeral was held at home, and the younger daughter, surprise, attended the service before departing the complex the next day.

Since then, the mother has attempted to persuade her daughter to return home, but all she has said is that since her parents did not expose her to males when she was young, she now wants to investigate every guy who comes her way as an adult. The distraught mother has done everything to persuade her daughter to return home, including seeing a witch doctor, but things have only gotten worse. She now hopes that one day her daughter will return home so that she may return to school and begin over.