Flaqo Raz Mama Otis Biography, Real Name, Education, Before Fame, Career and Challenges

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Flaqo Raz (born December 25) is a combination of witty, creative, versatile, and unique. He is Kenya's first comic to play a variety of personalities and bring out the best in each. Mama Otis, a no-nonsense mother who gave his son Otis sleepless nights for any real or perceived wrongs, was the comedian's first role. He went on to create characters like Akoth, Bakari, and Baba Otis, all of whom are as intriguing.

Flaqo, the singer, screenwriter, dancer, and comic, tells his story here.

Authentic name

His real name is Erastus Ayieko Otieno, and he was born on Christmas Day in Agha Khan Hospital.

The performer attended Xaverian Primary School, one of the country's oldest day schools. After that, he attended St. Mary's High School before enrolling in Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in public health in 2018. He was a devoted learner in primary school who didn't want anyone interfering with his desire to learn. Nobody would have guessed he was a witty guy.

Prior to becoming famous,

He moved out of his parents' house after high school to try and experience life. Then he tried his hand at music, but the market was overcrowded, so he gave up. August Alsina was his musical inspiration, and he preferred R&B. He opted to focus on comedy after feeling like his music was going nowhere. He discovered that most Kenyans enjoy content that they can relate to, so he started to create relatable stuff.

The Road to Fame

He attempted to contact a number of celebs in the past but was turned down. Raz then made the decision to strike out on his own.
When he did celebrity impressions of Khaligraph Jones and Bahati in a video, his stardom skyrocketed. Because the video was so spot-on and humorous, he gained 10,000 Instagram followers in just two days.

Career as a Comedian

He decided to gradually include other characters such as Mama Otis, Baba Otis, Bakari, and Otis after doing famous impressions. He has a natural ability to play all of the characters. Bakari is the dancer, while the other three characters represent the relationship between African parents and their children. Mama Otis' character was inspired by his mother, who was first skeptical of his comedy. Many fans compare the character to how most African mothers act.


After publishing a "Mama Otis" video, people in his Kisumu neighborhood initially assumed he was insane. The comic then took a break and watched video editing tutorials on the internet. Soon after his video went popular, the content producer was mistaken for a millionaire.

The majority of Kenyans associate celebrity with wealth. This is why most renowned people have a double life. People would ask, "Why are you doing this, aren't you rich?" as he boarded a matatu or ate at a Kibanda. This put so much pressure on him that he began looking up persons who had been broke and renowned in the past. I was trying to figure out if he was the only one. He had to return to Kisumu after a brief stay in Nairobi since the situation had become untenable. He afterwards discovered that what other people think doesn't matter.

He didn't get as many brand endorsements as he had hoped. Despite having a rapidly expanding channel, no brands approached him, leading him to assume he was cursed. Mulamwah, Crazy Kennar, and Brenda Jones, among others, appeared to be succeeding as he remained in the same spot. Brenda Jones encouraged him at one point, telling him that when the time comes, his phone will be ringing off the hook. It began to happen as she said, and offers began to pour in one after the other. Samsung and Airtel are two well-known brands for which he has worked.


Flaqo Raz is a humble man with a great sense of humour. Even his own jokes make him chuckle. Others should not give up on their aspirations, according to the rising comic. They should also go out and battle for their goals, because success does not come easily. Nobody will simply hand it up to you. Erastus also cherishes the feedback he receives from his supporters. He goes through them all, noting what they like and don't like. In an interview, he admits that he reads his DMs because some of them contain career chances that he doesn't want to pass up.

Speculations about his sexuality

The comedian came out to refute sexual orientation rumors. Late last year, Flaqo remarked in an interview with a major newspaper that his portrayal of Mama Otis and his ear and nose rings had led to negative conclusions.

"Because of my ear and nose piercings, as well as how I imitate a woman's voice, some individuals have come to their own conclusions." "To them, that proves something about my sexual orientation," he said in an interview with Nairobinews.

He continued, saying:

"I'm sure some folks are waiting for me to show up!" But I'm not coming out of the woodwork. I'm a straight guy. It is solely for the purpose of amusement that I work. It's only me, Flaqo, when I take off Mama Otis' clothes. "I am not in the least bit feminine."
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