He will never be fat, he has eaten all the meat! - Willy Paul attacked Eric Omondi

He will never be fat, he has eaten all the meat! - Willy Paul attacked Eric Omondi

Controversial musician Wilson Radido popularly known as Willy Paul has talked about recent online dramas between himself and comedian Eric Omondi.

Speaking to reporters after the launch of his new album 'The African Experience' on Saturday, Willy Paul described Eric as a man of great stature.

According to Willy Paul, Omondi's excessive fatigue has caused his body to lose weight and he will remain thin if he does not stop.

"Stop Eric. Do you think why he doesn't? He'll never get fat, he'll eat all the meat in his body. It's not easy to know he's 52, I don't expect a 52 year old to talk like that!" Willy Paul said.

The musician has urged Eric Omondi to change his behavior as it is not in line with his age.

"Eric you need to be a man! Man up! Grandpa! You're 52!" Said Willy Paul.

However, Paul has backed a bill that Eric handed over to MPs Babu Owino and Charles Njagua last week which proposes venues and entertainment venues in the country to play 75 percent of the music sung by Kenyan artists at all times.

Willy Paul has said the move by Eric is a good one, saying Kenyan musicians will be more popular at home if the bill is passed in parliament.

"What he does is cool. If it passes it will be very similar, so our fans will get used to it. You know our fans if you ask them if they want local or national dances they will say national ones. Said Willy Paul.

Willy Paul said many artists were reluctant to support the campaign Eric was developing because the comedian lacked a good order when he started.

"He put it wrong. He put it on and it was like he was doing it. That's why even some of you were scared."