Pallaso Benefits Fellow Artists

Pallaso Benefits Fellow Artists

Ugandan musician Pius Mayanja popularly known as Pallaso who is the brother of Joseph Mayanja popularly known as Jose Chameleone started a fundraiser with the aim of raising 100 million Ugandan shillings to save his Range Rover from the country's tax authorities but when he failed to achieve the goal, he decided donating the money he had raised to fellow Ghetto Kids and singer Oscar from the disbanded "Big Tym Crew".

Pallaso managed to raise just $ 5.4 million and then raised his money and donated more than $ 7.5 million to Oscar BigTym and Ghetto kids dancers.

Oscar Bigytm was featured in the media recently after his current living conditions became known. The singer has been living a miserable life on the streets of shantytowns where he sells scrap metal to make a living. He also suffers from epilepsy and is unable to seek medical attention.

Regarding his decision to support Ghetto Kids and Oscar and not other people Palasso said he wants Oscar to seek medical treatment to return to his former life as a talented singer with a sweet voice and that he has been a fan of Ghetto kids dancers for a long time.

Pallaso expresses his sincere gratitude to his fans who helped to donate the money that has benefited others and thanked Davido the Nigerian musician who introduced the fundraising style from fans and close people.

Davido for his part plans to distribute the money to various orphanages in Nigeria.