Al-Shabaab Terrorism Lady Suspect Arrested in Kapsabet Nandi County

Kenyan Police, Land Cruiser vehicles. /COURTESY

Police in Nandi County detain a female terror suspect after she confessed to being involved in a two-year training course on the use of weapons by Al Shabaab in Somalia.

Sheryl Vugusta, 22, said she was abducted in 2019 in Kilifi County and sent to Somalia for terrorist training.

The suspect allegedly disappeared through Lamu and arrived in Mombasa where he traveled to Vihiga County where he stayed until August 2021 and later arrived in the Kamalambu area.

According to a police report, the suspect has been visiting the kurutu registration centers where his motive has not yet been determined.

Vugutsa, a resident of Igunga village in Chavakali, was arrested along with his fiancée Laban Kimutai.

The suspect is being held at Kapsabet police station.