Biography of Elisha Toto, Age Real Name, Band, Latest Songs, Music Career and Contacts

Biography of Elisha Toto, Age Real Name, Band, Latest Songs, Music Career and Contacts
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Elisha Toto, genuine name Elisha Outa, is a famous Kenyan artist who sings in Dholuo. His tune, Paroga Nyasuba, delivered toward the end of last year turned into a hymn of sorts. There was a Tik Tok dance challenge of the hit on Tik Tok. His different tunes 'Adhiambo', Nyar Mwalimu have likewise been generally welcomed. Here is the thing that WoK had the option to assemble about this extraordinary craftsman.


The Musician hails from Suba. He adored customary Luo music since early on. While in grade school, he was important for Ramogi artists, and they would act in music and dramatization celebrations. He got the name Elisha Mtoto wa Shule since he started doing music in school. He would later abbreviate this name to Elisha Toto.


His dad died on 11 April 2021. Addressing Ghetto Radio, the Ohangla craftsmen said they "first took him to Homabay General Hospital where he was conceded for very nearly fourteen days prior to moving him to St. Camillus Mission Hospital in Sori where he surrendered." He was 86 years of age.

Elly Mtoto Wa Shule - Music Career

After finishing school, his companion a Keyboard player, assimilated him in his band. They began doing music in a little town named Uriri. He got going playing a ringer that is a famous music instrument in a great deal of Luo conventional tunes. It was difficult and now and again he would just make 15/= a day. The band before long disbanded as individuals took to fishing to make money. They were left with only two individuals, him and a companion. They also started fishing to get by yet didn't abandon their melodic desires.

Some time later, a man named Odos and his companions went along with them. They shaped a band and Odos started singing. Elisha considered this to be the advancement they'd been hanging tight for. They started making 50/= a day which was an improvement contrasted with their prior income.

Following three months, Odos left to go do cultivating yet prescribed them to a man named Wanga. They joined Wanga and Elisha who had never sung before in a band was chosen as the vocalist. This incited him to get the hang of singing. He would go sit with merchants of music CDs to pay attention to melodies, remember the verses and later go perform them. Gradually, his version improved and he composed his first melody, an accolade for his mom. He then, at that point, visited Barikiwa studio to record a tune however was told he expected to clean his voice first. He disappeared and returned later lastly recorded his first tune.

His Own Band

In 2019, he at long last had his own band, which at present has 20 individuals. He has delivered various melodies, the greater part of which have many thousands in sees. He accepts that as a craftsman his melodies ought to be an impression of society. His melody Paroga Nyasuba turned out to be exceptionally well known, particularly after he added the verses about Corona. Numerous Tik Tok clients even began a Nyasuba dance challenge.

Other latest famous and songs from the artist include:

  • Paroga Nyasuba (Hera Ringo Remo Corona)
  • Nyar Mwalimu
  • Mosna Ng'ama Loyano
  • Koso Ni Ringa Kapesa Orumo
  • Ngima Emadwong
  • Hera Okdwar Koko

His YouTube recordings have more than 5 million perspectives.


You can arrive at the craftsman on 0705956262