BREAKING NEWS: Comedian Jemutai Has Commit Suicide, Taken to Nairobi Hospital

BREAKING NEWS: Comedian Jemutai Has Commit Suicide, Taken to a Nairobi Hospital
Churchill show Comedian Jemutai. /FACEBOOK

Jemutai, a well-known female Churchill show comedian, is believed to have completed everything this evening at her house in Kawagware. However, she subsequently stated that she was in distress due to Profesa Hamo's non-appearance of money and financial help.

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The comedian has continued on the internet; eventually, she came out and said that she was in trouble due to a lack of job and financial assistance. This comes after the comedian disclosed that her offspring, Baby Daddy, and individual performer Profesa Hamo, had completely ignored her.

She had requested financial assistance from Kenyans, assuring them that she would be unable to increase her rent and pay her obligations.

This is also where she decided to sell her Facebook profile, which at the time had 56k followers, since no one had responded and offered to buy it.

Jemutai previously disclosed that her baby daddy, Profesa Hamo, was a drug addict who had absolved her of her two children.

Profesa Hamo had also claimed that she had lately figured out a means to give them Ksh 10,000 in October 2020, and that she had wrecked her life from that point on.

She was discovered helpless on the floor of her Kawagware house by a passing neighbor who offered to look after her. She was whisked away to a facility where she is being treated.