CS Kagwe Suffers a Setback as the Court Orders His Directive to Be Suspended

CS Kagwe Suffers a Setback as the Court Orders His Directive to Be Suspended

From December 21, the High Court in Nairobi has blocked a government rule barring unvaccinated Kenyans from receiving essential services.

Justice Antony Mrima overturned the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Mutahi Kagwe's decree for all Kenyans to present evidence of immunization, in a short judgment released Tuesday, December 14.

The High Court's decision put a stop to CS Kagwe's instructions, which threatened that unvaccinated Kenyans would be denied essential government services.

CS Kagwe's decision, according to lawyer Kinyanjui, was despotic and an abuse of authority on his behalf.

Blocking unvaccinated Kenyans from utilizing public transportation, according to the lawyer representing businessman Enock Aura in the case, is an insult to their right to freedom of movement, which allows them to go anywhere in the country without legal restriction.

He went on to say that until CS Kagwe's decision is overturned, taxpayers would be denied access to government programs that they have been subsidizing without receiving the same benefits.

The lawyer also accused Kenya's government of engaging into extremely confidential sales deals with multinational pharmaceutical firms for the covid-19 vaccinations.

Aura accused CS Kagwe of having access to this information and failed to tell Kenyans about the agreements' contents.

The businessman also told the court that he was worried about the vaccine's unverified long-term, medium-term, and short-term negative effects, as well as the deaths caused by the vaccine's administration to Kenyans.

Aura stated that every Kenyan has the right to health and safety protection. identifying Pfizer as one of the vaccine makers that specifically stated in April 2021 that counterfeit vaccinations were being distributed in Mexico.

Kinyanjui said that Kenyans have a right to scrutinize the vaccine and even refuse to have it put into their healthy bodies.

Vaccines, according to the World Health Organization, "function by training and equipping the body's natural defenses - the immune system – to detect and fight off the viruses and bacteria they target."

"By December 21, 2021, everyone requesting in-person government services shall be completely vaccinated and have evidence of immunization."

"These services will include, but will not be limited to, tax services, education, immigration services, hospital and prison visiting, NTSA and port services," CS Kagwe said.