Hamisa Mobetto Has Overturned Wema Sepetu

Hamisa Mobetto Has Overturned Wema Sepetu
Hamisa Mobetto and Wema Sepetu. PHOTO CREDIT; Instagram

A few years ago Before Instagram blended in so much, Wema Sepetu was the only female Superstar in the whole of Tanzania, every day Newspapers, blogs, websites, Facebook wrote tablet stuff about Wema Sepetu.

Wema Sepetu was the queen of drama in Tanzania, mara leo video leaked leaked, mara caught by marijuana, Mara Skendo that she raises gays and lesbians, sometimes she dated with a certain gentleman, once she was this time. I mean we were not breathing, every day Sepetu.

But Right now Things are different, every era has its own queen, now the Queen is Hamisa Mobetto, Today Hamisa drinking water people post, coughing people post, laughing becomes a big story, kissing now, Until the external tabs post, i.e. including As social media flared up then his stories spread everywhere.

The popularity with Ustar of Wema Sepetu / Hamisa Mobetto to a large extent The source is the romantic relationship between them and Diamond, Each in his time dating Diamond the popularity with Ustar increased significantly, Not that they were not popular, but what I mean here is that their popularity grew exponentially.