‘He Hates Because I Am Before Him!’ Diana B Accuses Willy Paul

‘He Hates Because I Am Before Him!’ Diana B Accuses Willy Paul
A photo grid of Bahati's Wife Diana Marua with Willy Paul. /COURTESY

Diana B, the recently disclosed rapper around, has been confronting a ton of reaction from netizens and easily recognized names in the music business following the introduction of her rap vocation.

Diana Marua has since tended to Willy Paul who mocked her presentation melody joining the Kenyan music industry named 'Hatutaachana'.

Diana guaranteed that the 'I do' hitmaker is extending disdain on her on account of the quantity of perspectives that her first tune has amassed on YouTube.

Talking during a meeting on Kiss 100 on Friday, Diana expressed that she is in front of Willy Paul, notwithstanding being a fledgling in the music business.

"I delivered my first tune three days prior, this moment, I'm as of now at 1 million perspectives. This person has been in the business for quite a long time. I joined the music business three days prior and numbers don't lie. I feel like he is detesting on the grounds that I am in front of him," she said.

She further took to her web-based media to pronounce herself the principal Kenyan female craftsman to hit 1 million perspectives on YouTube in three days.

"They initially flap their gums, and afterward they run. Record set as the main Kenyan female craftsman to hit 1 million perspectives in 3 days," she expressed.

Diana B

Diana proceeded to ask netizens to make reference to specialists in her remark segment who are loathing on her while battling to coordinate with her number of perspectives.

"Group Diana, label any craftsman who has been detesting yet where it counts you realize they are attempting to stand out enough to be noticed for their melody perspectives to attempt arrive at mine. What God has favored, no man can revile," she composed.

Willy Paul was among the eminent figures that responded to Diana's melody, as he ignored her entrance into the music business.

Others incorporate Femi One who cautioned netizens against contrasting her with Diana, adding that she must be weighed up with Nyashinski.