Kwale County Wins 94th Article on Music and Culture in the Country

Kwale County Wins 94th Article on Music and Culture in the Country

Kwale County emerged the winner in article 94 of the national music and culture competition, organized at the Mama Ngina Waterfront Park in Mombasa.

The county scored 253 points while closely followed by Kakamega County with 247 points.

Kwale emerged the winner in 56 units, securing second place in 34 units while holding third place in 17 units in the competition on songs and culture.

The Coast County presented more than 30 cultural groups, comprising traditional dancers under the umbrella of the ‘Culture Team’.

In 2019, Kwale County emerged second in the competition organized in Siaya County, winning more than 40 awards in a variety of categories including music, poetry, art and dance.

Speaking to reporters, Kwale County Sports and Culture Minister Ramadhan Bungale, commended the county teams for their achievements and dedication during the tournament.

"Kwale County held second place during the 2019 tournament, but now we have emerged winners, a clear sign that this county is rich in music and culture," said the minister.

Bungale added that the county government will assist the winning groups to ensure that the culture of the people of Kwale is preserved.

According to the minister, the competition helps different communities to understand the culture of other communities and also helps to promote peace through harmony.

Kwale County boasts a wide variety of cultures from the Duruma, Digo, Makonde, Wazaramo, and Kamba communities.