Previous Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Central Organization of Trade Unions Secretary-General, Francis Atwoli, are presently in Mombasa unwinding later a thorough mission rush.

On Friday, the two septuagenarians were captured unwinding in one of Atwoli's homes in Kilifi, Mombasa.

Be that as it may, inquisitive Kenyans noticed a lady taking cover behind a column during the photograph meeting starting a ton of blended responses.

It's not satisfactory why the lady, who may have been perched on the table before the photograph meeting, raced to stow away.

A ton of speculations have been tossed around since the photograph became famous online.

While some contended the two senior residents were with their side chicks, others said that the lady would have rather not be in the photograph since she's hitched.

Investigate this photograph and you will see even the side chick's telephone on the right half of Raila.

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