Shock as Another Video of Wajir Women Representative, Fatuma Gedi, Having S*x (tape) With a Jubilee MP Emerges (WATCH)

Some paid bloggers, such as Cyprian Nyakundi, allege that the video is a hoax and that the woman in it is not Hon. Fatuma Gedi. He claims that the individual on the video is completely different, and that the footage was posted online for the first time in 2016. Despite this, he is unable to provide a link to the alleged 2016 video since it does not exist.

"Further investigations by the crew established that the sound in the supposed Fatuma Gedi's sex video is a voice over from a YouTube Clip that was posted on YouTube in Late March 2018," he went on to say. Confirm and contrast the videos below." Nyakundi should be aware that YouTube's policy prohibits the uploading of sexual material, and all the men do is advertise the video while giving his phone number. The fact that the video was released before it became viral has no bearing on its substance.

If you view the original video here: Women rep from North Eastern S3x tape leaks, you'll notice that when you see the lady's face, she creates realistic sound tracks rather than using an external sound track.

Her dental formula is an intriguing point to notice in the film.

If you watch the movie and compare the dental formula, you'll see that it's the Wajir Woman Rep.