The Court Orders the Arrest of DCI Director George Kinoti

The Court Orders the Arrest of DCI Director George Kinoti

Milimani High Court has ordered the arrest of the director of the criminal investigation department George Kinoti.

The order issued by the deputy registrar of courts through a letter to Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai demanded that Kinoti be arrested and brought to court to face charges of defamation and subsequent legal action.

"As George Msingi Kinoti has been indicted in this Court for contempt of court order through Justice Mwita's order on June 21, 2019, you are ordered to arrest George Kinoti and present him in this Court, to face charges and to take legal action," the statement read. Court.

The order follows an order by Judge Mwita on June 21 this year who ordered Kinoti to return the weapons seized from the house of politician Jimmy Wanjigi.

Mwita sentenced Kinoti to four months' imprisonment for defying court orders and asked him to come to Kamiti prison to serve his sentence.

Attorney General Kihara Kariuki, however, has filed an appeal seeking the suspension of the prison pending trial.

Kihara said the court erred in sentencing Kinoti, who is not responsible for stockpiling weapons, but the responsibility of the firearms licensing board.

In November, the Supreme Court upheld a four-month sentence against DCI director George Kinoti for violating a court order.