[VIDEO] Cop Shows What Was Recuperated From Certain Hooligans! Never Take Risks

A man who was burglarized by furnished hooligans has shared a video of a cop showing the deadly weapon that was recuperated from the hooligans later they were captured.

The weapon is veiled as a firearm and despite the fact that it can't discharge any projectile, it's exceptionally deadly.

He cautioned Netizens not to take part in any showdown with road hooligans, since a large portion of them convey deadly weapons.

"These mtaani hooligans have deadly weapons manze.

"I was carjacked at a 'weapon point' just to observe this was the firearm. Ogopa.

This thing is deadly than a genuine weapon msee.

"NB: This is a Police Officer doing the demo not a hooligan," the casualty composed on Twitter.