[VIDEO] Slay Queen Pastor Lucy Natasha and Her Prophet Partner Uncovered for Utilizing a Similar Entertainer to Perform Counterfeit Marvels - They Similar Cons Like Kanyari

Ostentatious city minister, Rev. Lucy Natasha of Oracle Church and her life partner prophet Samuel Carmel, have no place to stow away later they were exposed for utilizing a similar entertainer to perform counterfeit wonders.

This is later a video of the two evangelists performing various supernatural occurrences on a similar man during a supposed prophetic assistance arose.

Evidently, the man was recruited.

In the main situation, Lucy Natasha talks in tongues and asserts that God has addressed her that there is a man from Zambia who is going to the help and he has a spouse back in Zambia called Cecilia.

He advises the man to approach to the podium for supplications.

The man races to the platform and Natasha begins forecasting to him.

She asserts that he is gifted in business however he needs blessing and afterward petitions God for him to get the blessing.

In the subsequent situation, a similar man is utilized by Natasha's life partner Prophet Samuel Carmel to play out one more phony marvel during another 'prophetic help' yet on an alternate day.

This time around, a similar man, wearing the very pant that he was wearing when Natasha utilized him to play out a phony wonder, asserts that his sight has been reestablished later Prophet Samuel appealed to God for him.

He lies that he lost his sight about a year prior while giving declaration yet later Prophet Samuel's supplications, his sight was reestablished strangely.

The following is a video uncovering the two phony ministers severely faking supernatural occurrences utilizing a similar entertainer.