DPP Nordin Haji Makes Sense of Why Everyone Ought to Enroll His Sim Card by Tomorrow

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Noordin Haji has made sense of why each Kenyan ought to enroll his SIM card by the fifteenth of April,2022.

Talking during a meeting at KTN News on Wednesday, Haji asserted that criminal associations utilize unregistered SIM cards to perpetrate violations.

Haji gave an illustration of the Dusit D2 fear assault that occurred in January 2019 for instance.

The DPP made sense of that the civilian army bunch took advantage of the point of failure in the country's media transmission scene to plan and do the assault.

He noticed that one of the dread suspects was found possessing north of 30 unregistered SIM cards.

"These SIM cards were being utilized to make various exchanges to work with the fear activity," he said.

Constantly, he expressed enrollment of these cards is significant on the grounds that in Kenya, we have portable monetary applications and some of them are really taken advantage of by psychological militants to hurt Kenyans.