Drama as Owner of Ringtone Apoko's Runda House, Gives Him Final Notice

Drama as Owner of Ringtone Apoko's Runda House, Gives Him Final Notice
Ringtone Apoko and his two cars at his home in Runda. | PHOTO: FILE COURTESY

Gospel artiste Alex Apoko popular known as Ringtone could lose his costly house in Runda to new administration who guarantee proprietorship.

As per Kahawa Tungu, Ringtonne has 10 days to leave the home or face powerful expulsion from the multi-million home.

The home, arranged on package number L.R. 7785/94, recently had a place with Mona Ingegard Bjorklund, a Swedish public who passed on July 5, 2007.

The letter dated September 28, 2021 by AGN Kamau Advocates demonstrates that Ringtone procured the property deceitfully.

Bahati and Alex Apoko
Former Gospel singer, Bahati and Alex Apoko at Diana B Marua daughter's birthday. | PHOTO: COURTESY INSTAGRAM/ringtoneapoko

"The arrangements of the Law of Succession Act obligatorily requires the director of the expressed home to gather every one of the resources thereto and from there on manage something very similar as per the said arrangements. It is well inside the information on the said executive and your great self that at all material times you unjustly, unlawfully and with no shade of right at all intruded upon the domain's property assign L.R. 7785/94 IS NO. 33637 You go on with such trespass to date Our directions are to give you notice which we really do thus do expecting you to stop with your demonstrations of trespass forthwith and to surrender the expressed property to our client through us in somewhere around 10 days from the date about," the letter read partially.

"On the off chance that you flop so to do we have firm and full directions to take out ousting procedures against you for suitable orders to be given to have you eliminated without help from anyone else, specialists, representatives, workers, assets and additionally in any case minus any additional reference. We have additionally been told in organizing similar procedures to look for harms for trespass mesne benefits and other important cures thereto."