Intriguing Condition Flaqo 'Mama Otis' Is Suffering From, Requests That Kenyans Help in Treatment

Famous internet based humorist Flaqo Raz also "Mama Otis" character, has approached Kenyans to help in treating an interesting condition he is experiencing.

The entertainer, otherwise called 'Mother Otis' uncovered in a meeting that he experiences hives (urticaria).

Hives are a red, raised, bothersome skin rash that is at times set off by an allergen. An allergen is something that creates a hypersensitive response.

Clinical diaries likewise call it urticaria, welts, weals, or bother rash.

Flaqo uncovered this in an

 adding that the condition impacted his work.

He said this made him generally use whenever he got wisely, particularly in satisfied creation, since the hypersensitive response had no particular chance to show up.

"Urticaria causes your face to foster surges and it happens a great deal thus I can work when I don't have hypersensitive responses," Flaqo told Mungai Eve.

He uncovered the condition had diminished his functioning opportunity in a day.

"By the way imenisaidia kumanage time, Imenisaidia ku-esteem time… "

"Saa zingine time yangu ya ku-shoot diminishes to just five hours na mii na play al these characters. So I need to genuinely take advantage of hio time"

He encouraged Kenyans with the information on getting the condition reach him.

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