Tanzania Singer, Maunda Zorro Buried Today

Tanzania Singer, Maunda Zorro Buried Today
Tanzania singer, Maunda Zorro. | PHOTO: FILE COURTESY

The body of the beautiful Bongo Fleva musician Maunda Zorro who passed away in a car accident is buried today.

Maunda who is best known for songs such as "Mapenzi Ya Wawili" and "Nataka Niwe Wako" is the younger sister of musician Banana Zorro who provided the funeral schedule.

Banana explained that in the morning people were meeting at the home of their old father Zorro before heading to the home of the late Maunda for a funeral service. Maunda who was born into a Muslim family had converted to Christianity and that is why he is buried today about three days after his death.

Hellen Maunda Zorro is survived by three children and the children's father who said they were planning to hold a wedding in July 2022.

Elder Zorro has appeared in a video posted by Clouds Fm singing at his son's funeral rally. He said he did not plan to sing but had to because every time Maunda visited him they were singing a lot.

Maunda passed away on the eve of April 14, 2022 on her way from the tragedy of her friend. He and his sister Banana were together in the tragedy but Banana left early and left him there.

The car he was driving Maunda collided head-on with a lorry in the Kigamboni area near him and caused his death.

Many artists who include musicians and actors have arrived at the home of the late Maunda to bid farewell to her body including Irene Uwoya.