Three Men Were Arrested After a Viral Video of Them Assaulting an Elderly Woman in Ringa Went Viral

Three men who were caught in a video beating a lady attempted to be their in-regulation and her child at Ringa in Homa Bay County have been captured following far reaching judgment by Kenyans after the clasp turned into a web sensation.

The three; Dedan Kimathi Agan, Enos Odhiambo Osoo and Lukio Okwiri are right now being held at the Oriwo police headquarters in Kambui anticipating to be summoned at the Homa Bay Law Courts to answer charges of actual attack.

"Further to an occurrence announced yesterday where an old woman with her child were attacked by known people, coming up next will now be taken to jail and being handled to be charged for offense of attack hurting," the National Police Service has said about their capture.

It was not satisfactory what set off the attack however the discourse in the video shows the lady, was blamed for breaking some Luo customs.

One individuals in the video is heard blaming her for presenting her body to people in general.

Another man is additionally heard trying her to strip bare before the group.

In Luo customs, this is viewed as no.

An observer guaranteed the lady attempted to utilize her clothing to safeguard her child who was being blamed for attacking another resident.

In Luo customs, assuming an individual uncovered their clothing and uses it to hit another, the objective is thought of as reviled.

Homa Bay County Police Commander Samson Kinne let columnists know that the suspects were grilled and they would assist with examinations.

The video which the Nation has seen shows one man in a red shirt holding the lady as two others beat her with sticks. Her child who is this while is situated on the ground is additionally down-poured on with blows as individual townspeople watch.

The uncalled fierceness distributed on the two has drawn in far and wide judgment by Kenyans who have been requesting for the capture of the culprits.

"There are legitimately set down methodology of resolving clashes between individuals. Law and order ought to constantly beat the standard of the crowd in all circumstances," said the National Police Service adding that it "joins shocked Kenyans in denouncing the uncalled ruthlessness against the two."

"The savage demonstration exploiting the two out of the blue is outlandish, unlawful and horrible," said the police.

Mr Kinne said examinations were in progress.

The suspects will be accused of attack and hurting.

"The lady has been encouraged to get a P3 structure [a clinical report structure utilized by police and goes about as proof that a savage demonstration occurred], which will be utilized in court," the police authority said.

Mr Agan, Osoo and Okwiri are set to be introduced to court sometime in the afternoon.

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