You Have Been Going to Karen to Interview Ruto on Jalas TV Tell Him to Give You Wheelbarrow - Raila to Jalang'o [VIDEO]

You Have Been Going to Karen to Interview Ruto on Jalas TV Tell Him to Give You Wheelbarrow - Raila to Jalang'o [VIDEO]

Media character turned politician, Felix Odiwuor moniker Jalang'o, has dispersed claims that he was denied the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket in the Lang'ata parliamentary race.

In a public declaration on Saturday, April 9, Jalang'o - who surrendered as a radio personality early February to zero in on his political vocation - rubbished claims that he had been harassed by the party and denied the ticket.

Thinks turned out badly after previous Prime Minister Raila Odinga tell Jalang'o "You have been going to Karen to meet with Deputy President William Ruto On JALAS TV, advise him to give you work cart now, we are not giving you the ODM ticket." Odinga to Comedian Jalango.

He went on to guarantee his allies that the party primaries are yet to occur, staying ardent that he was in the rush to the National Assembly.

"We are in the Langata rush as far as possible! August 9, 2022 is the day!" attested Jalang'o.

"Nobody has been denied the ticket and nobody has been given! Disregard the tales." can affirm that neither ODM nor any Azimio la Umoja One Kenya partner party had stood firm on its designations for any political foothold in Nairobi. Moreover, the Raila Odinga-drove ODM has not authoritatively given any Nairobi hopeful a ticket.

Jalang'o tries to expel Nixon Korir who has served the voting public for one term. Korir then again will be safeguarding his seat on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket.

The correspondence by Jalang'o comes at the scenery of disarray that have shaken a few pieces of the country with allies of certain up-and-comers fighting choices by their gatherings to give direct selections to certain applicants.

ODM' National Elections Board executive, Catherine Mumma, expressed that the party would utilize four procedures in granting tickets to keep away from aftermaths.

The methodologies incorporate direct selections, agreement building, serious designation and assessments of public sentiment and the four will be utilized reciprocally relying upon the quantity of competitors. On March 7, Mumma noticed that the party had turned to agreement working in firmly challenged regions.

"We are satisfied to illuminate our individuals that the interaction regarding agreement working concerning the places of lead representative, Senator and ladies rep and MPs for the two nations is advancing great and the end will thereof be conveyed when we finish," she announced.

Mumma made sense of that agreement building included uniting all competitors looking at a similar seat and through conversation, they would settle on whom to revitalize behind in the races.