A Pregnant Woman From Kenya Passed Away Just Hours After Sharing Pictures From Her Baby Shower on Social Media. Rip, Maggy (PHOTOS)

Maggy Wanjiru passed away suddenly just hours after receiving a baby shower from friends, and her family and friends are mourning her tragic passing.

Maggy joyfully flaunted her baby pregnancy in social media posts from the baby shower before passing just a short time later.

Martin Kosgey, a local journalist, grieved her loss and consoled her loved ones.

She belonged to the Kericho Rotary Club.

Different responses to Maggy's untimely death appeared on social media.

Some online users suggested that she may have died as a result of having an evil eye at her baby shower.

Below are images of the deceased woman and user comments.

My friends, wachaneni na baby showers! Siziamini.