If You Decide to Have Relations With Someone's Husband, You Must Agree to Be a Slave to the Following Things

If you decide to have relations with someone's husband, you must agree to be a slave to the following things:

1. Baby, excuse me one minute, wife is calling

2. Baby, time has gone too much, my wife will call me, let me come back home, tomorrow at 12 o'clock I will be here

3. Bby, I want to come to sleep with you. My wife has passed away, go to them

4. Baby, I won't be able to come today, wife Kanibana... Sorry for being sick

5. Baby, go ahead, I'll find you... Where my sisters-in-law are staying, if they see us together, they'll tell his wife

6. You can run away in the middle of the party and not even be given the bodaboda fare, tomorrow you will be told sorry darling, didn't you see your wife suddenly appeared

7. When you are talking on the phone in a romantic way, you are shocked when you are called Hamadi and you say goodbye, then you are told that my wife suddenly appeared and I had no choice

8. You can be passed on the road and it's raining, tomorrow you were told I saw you my love, But what would I do.., I grew up with my wife

So that at the end of the day, if you get pregnant and raped, don't come up with your statements saying that all men are dogs and if you get to the point of calling all men that way, then start by mentioning your father so that we can get along because sometimes you end up with a lot of slander, sister.