Meet Engineer Bobby, the Kasarani man arrested for stealing Ksh 10 million worth of iPhones He always looks sharp (PHOTOS)

A 29-year-old man identified as Antony Orlando alias Engineer Bobby was arrested on Monday when detectives from the Kasarani police station raided a rented apartment in Seasons estate. They also found stolen iPhones.

Anthony Mbogo, Deputy Commandant of Kasarani, claims that the suspect collaborates with robbers.

The thieves steal high-end phones and deliver them to him.

The recovered phones, according to Mbogo, were worth Ksh 10 million.

According to Mbogo, "we have arrested approximately 12 muggers so far and they have already appeared in court. This one is the mastermind because he is the one who receives all these stolen phones."

As a response to the rising number of muggings and robberies that have occurred in Nairobi over the past few months, the operation was part of a larger security effort that included increased patrols and operations.

Mbogo concluded by saying, "Kenyans should watch what they are doing out there, they should know we are there to eradicate this menace."

He stated that the breakthrough might result in the detention of additional suspects who are thought to be behind the syndicate.

The photo that was posted to his social media profile shows that the mastermind of the phone theft syndicate is always dressed professionally.

On social media, he states that he is an engineer.

See his pictures down below.