Methods to Make a Woman Love You and Give You Her Body Without Even Seducing Her

Many women do not know what makes them fall into men's traps. They don't know that many men use these methods to make women fall in love with them every day. These are the ways to catch them.

Many men are surprised and wonder why many women are attracted to other men, but not them.

Do they have any problems or limitations? What do they lack that the others have?

Don't worry, in this game of attracting women, you don't need to have a lot of money in the bank account, or to have a nicer car than all men to attract women - what attracts them is a man who

Know and can attract them

How to attract a woman to love you without you telling her

#1 Don't show that you love him too much. For a long time, there has been a culture of a man showing a woman that he loves him so that she can be accepted, and women have built a culture of being fatwa. This gives women the freedom to choose the man they want and spit out the ones they don't want.

However, you can turn things around by being close to a woman and making her know that she doesn't need her or you don't have the goal of seducing her or wanting her, so you don't need to ask her to accept you. Keep your emotions down, don't let them drive you away even if you need them. This will make a woman see you as different because they are bothering her but you are not bothering her, so she will try to do everything possible to attract you (So you have turned the tables)

#2 Sometimes REJECT. Do not be quick to agree with everything, many men in order to be accepted are happy to do whatever they are told, even if he is not capable, just to attract a woman. If you really want to attract a woman, you should not fall into this trap. Don't pull a chair for him to sit, don't buy him a drink, sometimes ignore his requests, and if it's difficult for some things, say "NO".

#3 Don't be too friendly. Know yourself that you are handsome and a real man. If you enter a bar or restaurant and this woman looks at you from the moment you enter, go and sit in the seat next to her - if possible, look at her. Then his thoughts will lead him that you want to order him something either a drink or food.

Instead, leave him and your face without too much effort, order your own drink and don't look at him again, your fata. These things will divide him and will make him do anything to attract you.

#4 Make him jealous. Another way to make a woman love you without telling her, is to use her feelings to destroy her. If you know he wants you/loves you, for example, try to show that you are going out with another woman. If it's your friend, tell her that you want to do things for her that will make you want another woman. By making the woman jealous, you are playing with her feelings. He will do everything he can to make you love him and see that the woman you have is nothing.

#5 Mix up the signs. Sometimes look at him completely - eyes - ears - nose should be directed towards him. If you're talking to him, act like you're slowly approaching him, making him want you, then suddenly go back and lean back in your chair. Or, tell him that she is a beautiful woman and then look at another woman passing by. This will confuse him. This will make him feel that he needs to do more things in order to attract you.

#6 Don't be predictable. Be different from the other men she has ever seen. Do something that will make him not get the real picture of what you mean. Many women are annoyed by men who use the same style to attract them or do things for them. Promise that you will call him at a certain time, but when that time comes, don't call him, wait for several hours to pass and then call him. You will make him want to hear anything from you but he won't get it in that time. That way he will be thinking a lot about you at that time.

#7 Be quick. This is another way to make a woman like you - be quick to do smart things. Pretend you are more than him. Dress well and don't be afraid to show off the good things you have. Whether at work, or on the street, if you know what he likes to see from you - use that something. If he says he likes a certain movie, tell him how you don't like that movie, if you don't mean it.

#8 Make him feel lonely. Be kind and generous and warm to everyone - except him. This will make him wonder - and he will see as if he is missing something or wonder what his problem is. Even love it. Therefore, he will strive in any way he can to do things that will desire your presence - or for you to understand what he is doing.

#9 Tell him his shortcomings. Many women are very careful about things like that

The fences are limitations for them, for example their weight, syle of life, language, to list a few. If you want a woman to love you all the time, make her see herself as incomplete.

Wipe a little on his cheek if he is not dirty, tell him that he is not attractive today - or the makeup has ruined him, or tell him that you feel he has gained weight or is getting fatter, even if he is not really fat.

#10 Praise him. Another way to embarrass a woman is to praise her. When you can crush him - likewise do not praise him where he deserves it. Tell her how good I smell - or how lovely her hair is, and you'll make her heart race.

#11 Make him surprise himself. Next time, tell him that he is a child or a freak or that he is desired. Tell him whatever will keep him asking questions. This will make him think all the time and he will pay attention to everything you tell him. For example, if you ask him what he thought about method A to collect business income, he said he has already used it and increased his income by 19%, tell him, "I knew, you will be using such small systems. Now, this is method B that I found will help you increase your income by 50%…”

#12 Cut him off. Start a conversation with him, and ask him something that you know he really likes to talk about. And when he wants to spice up his story, stop and tell him, "Ohhh.. I'm sorry, I forgot, I have to meet someone soon. Bye!”

And without hesitation, go away and leave him alone. This will leave him confused, because he still hasn't finished his story. Now you will have the opportunity to find him another day to ask him to come out so that he can finish the story.

#13 Make him see himself ahead of the curve. As the world of love continues to change due to globalization, the rules of romance are also changing - but women still have weaknesses in love. So the next time a woman catches you - tell her, ".. Are you trying to trap me or? Because if you have that goal, I am not there at all".

#14 Be dominant. I don't mean drive him for everything - No. Be clear about what you want in your relationship. In other words, don't hide your claws, this will show him that you won't always get what he wants. Make him know from the very beginning what kind of person you are and what your life is like when you are single, how you live happily when you are alone, in the sense that you don't want to get into a relationship that will give you stress. Show him how you are ready to be yourself than having someone drive you. This will help him know where to stand and what things he should not do.

#15 Learn the dirty game of seduction. Do one thing for him that will make him fall in love with you, and then leave him

#16 Give him false stories. Women love drama. He gets sad for sad stories and then he gets happy. So before you catch a woman, think of something or something that touched you in life that was very sad. Add a little salt to make the story sweeter when you start telling him. The important thing here is to bring joy and sorrow = = play, and then he will be looking at you with compassion like a puppy that needs to be fed.

#17 Be confidential. If you meet any woman, don't give her all your information about yourself so easily. If they ask you about your job and you are a construction worker, tell them, I make things here and there, and stop there. By doing so, you will make him think, and think about you more.

#18 After that, use your secret weapon. The word "L". There is no word that drains the strength of women like the word "I Love You". If you are already familiar with each other and sometimes you go out, don't be afraid to tell him that you love him, and tell him this in a high emotional state and all the time you are in a great state of calm. If you give it time to tell him, nothing will make him refuse.

#19 Hold her. This is another way to make him want you without even saying a word. Just hold him. If he is your friend very much or to some extent, hold his hand - as you did not expect, and then you must hold him.

Or if you're already used to each other and you go out, you can hold his shoulders or cheeks. This will send a signal to his body, and he will start to feel and expect you to tell him something - and that is what you wanted.

#20 Believe in yourself. Show that you can live without him. When a fisherman goes to the sea, he is looking for fish, if he misses one place it does not mean the end of his life - this gives him time to go deeper into the sea to find other fish. Make him know that he is not the only woman in the world if you love him.