PHOTO of the beautiful wife to the 47-year-old man who was stabbed to death by his 27-year-old girlfriend in Rongai – Why cheat on such a pretty woman?

Kennedy, who is 47, On Saturday night, Bitonye Oyatsi, a driver at Kenya School of Law, was fatally stabbed by his girlfriend, age 27.

The murder took place in his rental home in Rongai.

On that fateful night, neighbors claim they heard a disturbance followed by loud screams. When they rushed to Kennedy's home, they discovered his body lying on the floor and covered in a pool of blood.

He was taken to a local hospital in a hurry, but was already dead when he got there.

Despite being married, the dead man's wife resided in Bungoma.

He was about to elope with the 27-year-old woman who stabbed him with a kitchen knife to end his life.

While Kennedy's family is experiencing a difficult time, males should learn to who are devoted to their spouses.

Here is a picture of the deceased's lovely wife.