Prof HERMAN MANYORA says RAILA’s Azimio will collapse in the coming days - BABA is too selfish!

College of Nairobi speaker, Prof Herman Manyora, has anticipated that Azimio One Kenya Collusion will implode before very long.

Talking on his YouTube channel on Monday, Manyora, who is likewise a carefully prepared political expert, said the move by Celebration and KANU to pull out from Azimio Alliance is the start of the finish of the Raila Odinga's driven alliance.

Manyora likewise said the botch that Raila Odinga made is to avoid individuals from the Celebration Party and KANU from parliamentary panels.

Raila, he asserted, shouldn't have been engaged with the choice of individuals to address the alliance in the parliamentary advisory groups.

All things being equal, he accepts the previous top state leader ought to have designated the occupation to somebody like Sabina Chege, who will seat a board of trustees to dispense the couple of accessible openings.

He proceeded to say that Raila shouldn't pay attention to his allies, for example, Suna East Individual from Parliament Junet Mohamed who he named a go getter.