RUTO’s Govt has failed! Senator SAMSON CHERARGEI now indirectly admits as he reveals how he came face-to-face with Nairobi thugs

Nandi Senator Samson Cheragei Has nitty gritty how he turned into a survivor of a burglary in Nairobi fourteen days prior.

In a proclamation, the Senator said he was in rush hour gridlock along Valley Street in Nairobi when a hooligan confronted him.

However he didn't hurt him, the Senator says the trying hooligan strongly eliminated the side reflection of his vehicle.

"A fortnight back I lost the left-side reflection of my vehicle while stranded in rush hour gridlock along Valley Street being strongly eliminated by a hooligan," he tweeted.

The senator said the occurrence is an obvious sign, as far as he might be concerned, that the city has become risky to live in.

He required the public authority to rearrange the security area for effective assistance conveyance.

"Nairobi is currently a wrongdoing city and a pack safe house. The security pass the country over should be tended to quickly by the re-association of the security area," he expressed.

The deteriorating security circumstance in Nairobi saw Overseer General Japheth Koome report new changes in the help. In the new changes, Baringo County police administrator Adamson Bungei was named the new Nairobi police boss.

Bungei takes over from Manasse Musyoka who was at this point to assume control over the position seven days after he was additionally named to take over from James Mugera who has since resigned from the assistance.

Bungei filled in as the OCPD for Buruburu and Focal before he was moved to Baringo quite a while back.