SHOCKING VIDEO of a Hospital Security Guard Tending to a "Ghost Patient" Who Had Passed Away the Day Before

The news that a "patient" had entered the building despite the fact that she had passed away the day before shocked the staff.

At Finochietto Sanatorium, a private care facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a security guard greets a patient that only he can see.

Before the visitor appears to have decided to walk to the doctor's office, the security guard can also be seen having a conversation with her that no one else can see and offering her a wheelchair.

However, when he checked to see where she had gone hours later, startled medical personnel informed him that the only patient by that name had passed away the day before.

The security guard can be seen getting up from his chair with a clipboard in his hand to let someone in the footage, which shocked the staff at the hospital.

Before again enclosing the space, he can be seen letting the "patient" into the lobby.

Even before the visitor appears to decide to walk to the doctor's office, he can be seen talking to them and offering them a wheelchair.

The elderly woman's request to see a doctor was first reported by local media at 3.36 a.m. on November 11.

He called emergency services hours later when he noticed she had not left the doctor's office.

He gave the doctors the patient's name when they asked for her information, but they said it couldn't be that woman because the center's records showed that a person with that name had died the day before.

Social media was abuzz with images of the "ghost patient" interaction, scaring viewers.

Some made a comment, suggesting that it was the patient's ghost.

The hospital, on the other hand, believes that the security guard pretended to care for the unidentified patient "as a joke to tell a story."

The hospital explained that the door that opened to receive the patient was broken and kept opening by itself.

Regarding the door, the hospital stated:Between Thursday night and Friday morning, it opened by itself 28 times because it was broken.

“Everything is under investigation,” the hospital added.

The video is below.