Thugs Are Getting Bolder Continuously as They Overwhelm a Police Headquarters and Take Firearms as Ruto and Kindiki Talk Intense - Look! It Resembled a Film!

Police in Homa Narrows are fully on guard subsequent to trying thugs struck a police headquarters in the region around evening time yesterday and disappeared with six firearms.

The thugs are said to have gotten to the Kipasi Watch base office through the window and broke the steel box that had the weapons.

Homa Inlet Province authority Samson Kine said they took six rifles; three AK47 rifles and three G3 rifles.

Notwithstanding, they dropped two weapons on the way and got away with the rest. Police have previously sent off the activity and are seeking after guilty parties with the expectation of dealing with them and recuperating the taken weapons.

"We are as yet seeking after the issue to know how and why it happened that way as a component of endeavors to get the cheats," he told the press.

It is accepted that the criminals struck the station when the officials were away. Six officials are conveyed at the station.

He requested individuals from general society to chip in data that could end up being useful to in the capture of those included.

This comes in the midst of taking off wrongdoing the nation over with President William Ruto and Inside CS Kithure Kindiki talking extreme in Nairobi.

They have conveyed GSU and RDU to handle wrongdoing in the city.