WAJACKOYAH speaks on RUTO’s nefarious plot to remove the term limit and rule Kenya ‘forever’ like MUSEVENI - You won’t believe what he said

Establishes Party official applicant in the August ninth surveys George Wajackoyah has cautioned President William Ruto to quit wandering off in fantasy land of exceeding in power.

This after UDA MP Salah Yakub alluded to changing the Constitution to eliminate official service time restrictions Ruto rule 'for eternity'.

In a press preparation yesterday, Wajackoyah said Ruto was holding office for a brief time, encouraging him to comply to the protected rules and escape power when his term closes or, more than likely there would be inconvenience.

The Roots Party pioneer utilized the case of previous President Uhuru Kenyatta who is currently resigned in the wake of serving for two terms.

"For Ruto, this is the message. You are the president and you are perched on that seat for a brief time. Don't even think about acquiring your tricks. Ati ufanye ati mtoe katiba ndio ukae hiyo kiti for eternity. Simply stay there realizing that Uhuru has additionally been there and take a gander at where Uhuru is," Wajackoyah expressed.

His comments come after Fafi MP Salah Yakub claimed that there was an arrangement by some Unified Majority rule Partnership (UDA) MPs to scrap the service time boundaries the president.

The MP claimed that a president can manage for as long as 75 years as opposed to having just two terms most extreme as specified by the Constitution.

Nonetheless, the UDA Party excused the comments by Yakub naming them "a result of a ripe creative mind.'