William Ruto: Kenyans Are Worried About the President Because His Feet Look Bigger in South Korea

President William Ruto's health has been the topic of concern among Kenyans on Twitter during his trip to South Korea.

Images were shared by Investments, Trade, and Industry Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria in Seoul, South Korea, on November 22.

Kuria disclosed that he and his counterpart in the Department of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Mithika Linturi, met Kenyans in the country for discussions.

"Today, I joined President William Ruto in Seoul, South Korea, for a meeting with the vibrant Kenyan Diaspora."

People were drawn to a single image of the president's feet, which appeared to be swelling around the ankle, which sparked numerous inquiries.

Uhuru Kenyatta is struck by an armored vehicle door in another location, in South Africa, while Ruto's former boss was serving as deputy president.

During Uhuru's 2018 trip to South Africa, where he met with former president Jacob Zuma and leaders of the African National Congress, a highly trained bodyguard made a mistake.

Film of Uhuru showing up to meet Zuma in a dim BMW surfaced on the web.

Instead of standing behind the open door and waiting for the retired president to exit, the bodyguard stood near the rear wheel and opened the rear door for him.

He let go of his hand that was obstructing Uhuru's path, and the door swung back, knocking him off balance.

Jomo Gecaga, Uhuru's personal assistant, was seen disciplining the bodyguard.