Woman Takes Her Dad to the Strip Club to Commend His 100th Birthday Celebration (Photographs)

A Texas man recognized as Gioacchino "Jack" Poma, had a good time filled day at a strip club his little girl, Dina, took him to as a feature of his 100th birthday festivity.

Addressing TMZ after the birthday festivity, Dina said her dad loves two things throughout everyday life; ladies for the most part and boobs explicitly.

She uncovered that her dad hasn't been to a strip club since his childhood, and when he made an appearance to The Hotel Halloween night, he was extremely excited.

The artists were awestruck when Jack's girl carried him to the strip joint, yet she says her father just gets one life, so he ought to appreciate it while he can.

The artists revered Jack, with one taking care of him pepper pasta as others drew out the birthday cake. Dina directed her dad around the artists and advised him when he went crazy because of fervor.

Jack's significant other kicked the bucket a long time back and the lady he got into a close connection with subsequently, passed on the year before.