6 Cursed Charges For Former Machakos President’s Wife Lilian Filed Against Governor Mutua – Details

Lilian Ng’ang’a /NTV/TWITTER

Previous Machakos First Lady Lilian Ng’ang’a has revealed subtleties of the dramatization encompassing their caustic detachment with Governor Alfred Mutua.

In a press preparation Thursday morning, Lilian made condemning charges blaming the lead representative for compromising her life and that of her dear companions.
Asking the public authority to establish criminal examinations against the Governor, Lilian claims Mutua bragged to her that he is distant and cautioned that he would “pound her to debris.”
Here are the 6 fundamental allegations she has evened out against Governor Mutua, some of which are implicating.
1. That Dr. Mutua – joined by his police protector – wrongfully accessed her loft in Kileleshwa, Nairobi and removed her own vehicle and moved its proprietorship to someone else.
2. That the Machakos Governor illicitly moved her portions in the Ndash Enterprises LTD (the inn organization) to his sister Ann Mbandi Mutua.
3. That Governor Mutua told her he has gotten offers from people who were able to go about as hired gunmen at his order. “He expressed that he had offers from individuals to kill people near me, and undermined that he may without a doubt take up the proposals to show some of them something new,” claims Lilian.
4. That Dr. Mutua is pushing to have an argument she has documented against him moved to Machakos with the goal that he can recruit hooligans to menace and bug her.
5. That Mutua has blamed her for manhandling medications and working with his political adversaries to cut him down.
6. That the Governor announced she was his ‘foe number one’ and promised to annihilate her financially after she told him in the face that they were rarely hitched. This she says occurred during a gathering they had at Windsor Golf Club in September.
Here is Lilian Ng’ang’a’s full assertion on her supposed adversities on account of Governor Alfred Mutua:
I cut off my friendship with Alfred Mutua toward the beginning of June this year. On rehashed events and as later as about fourteen days prior.
I’ve seen Mr. Mutua state on paper and web-based media that we are still companions, and our detachment has been neighborly. These are Mr. Mutua’s standard vain behaviors and falsehoods. Mr Mutua and I have not spoken since late August, 2021.
On 8″ September 2021, Mr. Mutua joined by his police protector, Martin Nzinghi showed up at my loft parking area at Kileleshwa, Nairobi, and without my insight or assent and utilizing an extra key which he had illicitly acquired, drove away my own engine vehicle KBY 186G – a vehicle which had been completely enrolled in my name starting around 2014.
Mr. Mutua continued to falsely move the responsibility for vehicle in the log book into his name, and from that point offered the vehicle to an outsider.
I documented a case which is forthcoming in court so I won’t remark further on it but to request that the buyer be on notice that I keep up with my case to ownership.
I along these lines require a criminal examination concerning this genuine criminal offense. Along a similar deceitful lead.
Mr. Mutua as of late and wrongfully moved my portions in the Ndash Enterpnses LTD (the lodging organization) to his sister Ann Mbandi Mutua Again, a dear demonstration of extortion.
Never did I execute an exchange of my portions or in any case move my 1600 offers (45%) shareholding in the organization to him, not to mention his sister.
My backers have figured out how to follow the exchange reports from the organization vault as follows:
1. An indicated Circular Resolution dated 10/6/2021 In which the investors supported the exchange of 1800 portions of Ksh 10 each from Lilian Wangui Nganga to Ann Mbandl Mutua.
2. An implied Transfer of Shares structure in compatibility of a Declaration of Trust dated 10/6/2021 exchange of 1800 portions of Ksh 10 each from Lillian Wangui Nganga to Ann Mbandi Mutua.
The two reports have been stopped at the Companies Registry together. viably in Ndash Enterprises LTD. an organization I for one joined on 30/6/2014 when I held 90.9% of the shareholding.
Without a doubt, I school moniker. organization “Ndash” after my own highschool moniker.
The two reports, which bear a stamps dated twelfth and thirteenth August 202. bear what takes after my mark, however not in unique structure and plainly the marks have been electronically superimposed to give the impression to the impression to the Registrar of Companies that the exchange is certified, while as a result the records are obviously falsifications.
The exchanges by Mr. Mutua are clear and clear fakes which he has perpetrated in the bogus and mixed up conviction, that he is exempt from the rules that everyone else follows and won’t be considered to be responsible for his criminal demonstrations against me.
I have revealed this genuine wrongdoing this to Kilimani Police Station under OB NO: 48/1510912021.
Mr. Mutua is overcompensating to our partition. While I showed that I needed to continue on with my own personal business, he suspected something.
At a gathering at the Windsor Golf and Country Club on 22ni0 September 2021. in the organization of two common companions. furthermore, after the two criminal occurrences, I mentioned him for a developed and genial partition and advised him that. all things considered, we were not defaced.
Mr. Mutua furiously named me as his Enemy No 1. furthermore, took steps to “smash me to debris”, as he removes all that I have. also, own. For sure, this has effectively begun as he has requested that I discount any cash he has at any point given to me or made accessible for my utilization.
He likewise took steps to hurt people near me. He further requested I am sorry and withdraw the assertions I’ve made via web-based media – in regards to our separation, which I declined. 
He expressed that he had offers from individuals to kill people near me, and undermined that he may to be sure take up the proposals to show some of them something new.
On October seventh 2021, I recorded a case in the High Court at Milimani for a controlling request since I trust my life. also, everyone around me were at serious risk.
Mr Mutua is battling the Restraining Order by rubbishing my cases. what’s more, needs the case moved to Machakos where he accepts I will be too frightened to even consider venturing, as he can employ thugs to menace and hassle me, when I go to court.
Mr. Mutua has gone to additional erroneously blamed me for mishandling drugs, and that I am being utilized by Governor Kibwana (who is Alfred’s Uncle) and HE Kalonzo Musyoka to cut him down strategically – which is finished hogwash. as I have never interfaced with the two courteous fellows at an individual level.
I’m freely mentioning Mr. Mutua to quickly return my property, stop undermining my life, and people around me and stop his presumption, wanton maltreatment of force, control and harassing. He really wants to find a hobby and continue on.
I hence appeal to the Inspector General of Police and the Director Public Prosecution, to speed up the examination and charge Mr. Alfred Mutua for the genuine violations he has so far submitted – before my companions and I are hurt
Ultimately, what I have portrayed sums to a guileful type of GBV, known as Psychological and financial sexual orientation based savagery.
Mr. Mutua is currently out to annihilate me both mentally and monetarily, and should be halted by the Government.
For the most part, every type of sex based brutality should be disregarded and the culprits rebuffed vigorously. I presently see direct how and why numerous ladies keep on experiencing peacefully, and particularly if their accomplices or previous accomplices are in places of force and impact. I encourage all ladies to oppose any type of brutality by accomplices who feel entitled, and can’t take No for a reply.