A Man has been dumped for failing to attend the funeral of his father-in-law


In Gidi and Ghost morning program for the Reconciliation unit, a relative who identified himself as John Namahiva 30, sent a message asking to be reconciled with his wife Josephine Awino 27.

John alleged that his wife left home and went to their home and left as she had informed him that she had gone on her uncle’s sails but later found out that there were no sails.
He claimed that he discovered that his wife had found another relative who had tricked him into paying a dowry and marrying her but later dismissed her.
“My wife said she was going on a voyage and I gave her a fare. She got in the car and left but later I found out that it was not a voyage. I called her parents and it was as if they were cheating on me.
He says give me nine months and he will come back. I did some research and found out that he had found another relative and deceived them that he was rich that he would pay the dowry and took him to Kisii but this time I heard he had chased him back to them. Her sister is the one telling me “John told.
The couple have been married for eight years but John has not yet paid the dowry and has not had any children together.
John accused his wife of having an abortion every time she got pregnant, a claim she said she was told by her doctor.
“We haven’t had a baby, she gets pregnant every time she gets pregnant. The doctor told me that every time she gets pregnant she goes to sleep with other men.
When Josephine received the call, she insisted that she had gone on a voyage but had not returned to her home as she was angry with her husband.
She claimed that she was saddened by her husband’s failure to attend the funeral, which he described as his father’s and that he did not want to return.
“The ship was ours, it belonged to my father. He did not come with his family so I did not return yet. He told me he had no money. I would not understand because he did not even tell his family. I do not know if he wants me back or if he wants to come” Josephine said.
He ignored John’s claim that he had sent him a fare back home.
Josephine complained that despite having been together for eight years, John did not talk to his family about their relationship.
The sister claimed that her husband had swallowed her friend’s saliva, which angered her even more.
“My friend who I picked up on the street is called Eva and I told her to stay at my house. We used to go with her to church and then we went back to the house. But you were longing for Eva. my “Josephine told John.
She said that her husband used to insult his parents and his sister.
However Josephine advised John to take the initiative to go to his parents to discuss whether he would return to her.