A Pastor Guarantees a Holy Messenger Was Caught on Camera in His Congregation During Crossover [PHOTOS]

A Nigerian pastor asserts that a heavenly messenger showed up in his congregation on 31st December 2021, at precisely 12.13 am.

Taking to his Facebook page, the godly man shared pictures of the supposed heavenly messenger and said he has never seen something like this since he was conceived.

“THIS IS DOUBLE WONDERS INDEED. An ANGEL was caught on Camera during our get over Night, on Friday 31th Dec, Exactly 12: 13 am,

“I have never seen something like this since l was conceived.

“We are in the day of incredible WONDERS. This is God, Thank you Jesus. For your incredible appearance and twofold ponders in Faith establishment services Porto Novo. Benin Republic,” he composed.

When did holy messengers begin wearing shoes and pants?