Ababu Namwamba’s Spouse Marches New Delicious Photographs – the Previous MP Loves Them Modest With a Level Stomach

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Previous Budalangi Member of Parliament and Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ababu Namwamba, experienced passionate feelings for a 20-year-old impending model, recognized as Janet Angatia, subsequent to heading out in different directions from his better half Priscah Mwaro in 2018 over unfaithfulness.

Ababu presented Janet in April this year while praising his child’s fifth birthday celebration in his Karen home.

Janet is dynamic via web-based media, where she generally posts photographs killing.

The chocolate-cleaned young lady, who completed Form Four 2 years prior, has left men salivating later she shared some new delicious photographs on her online media pages.

She gladly paraded her level stomach and ravishing figure.

You can see the reason why she has an enthusiasm for demonstrating simply by seeing her body.

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