AliKiba Will Stop Me I Have No Little Activities Failed Diamond Will Finish – Shilole Says

A joint image of Shilole, AliKiba and Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian music artists Shilole and AliKiba have clashed over the issue and the reason is an invitation to AliKiba’s event.

Shilole has used social media to express his dissatisfaction with AliKiba’s refusal on the radio that he did not invite Shilole to his new album “Only One King” which was also officially launched.

The sister who owns a restaurant by the name of Shishi Food is failing to see how the poster will be posted on AliKiba’s account and deleted without her knowledge which she says shows Ali is unorganized while she is a big star.

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He has also criticized Kiba for what he calls arrogance even though people say he has personality. Due to his anger, Romy3d’s wife compared Kiba to Diamond Platnumz or if you like Nasib Abdul where he said Kiba could not reach Diamond.

He criticized Kiba’s remarks by posting a picture of the invitation poster as it was on AliKiba’s account and a photo of his response. He was invited and did not invade Kiba’s party.

AliKiba should not compare himself to me at all! If he has lost to Diamond Platnumz, he wants to come and fight with the girls.

Shilole Said This During An Interview With @wasafifmc’s #MashSham