Before The August Election, Mutahi Ngunyi Forecasts Raila Odinga’s Demise – Ruto Is Unstoppable!

Prestigious political examiner, Mutahi Ngunyi, has anticipated destruction for previous Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who is competing for the administration in August.

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Mutahi said Raila Odinga will lose the political race assuming he keeps depending on the secret government.

Mutahi said the underground government has previously bombed President Uhuru Kenyatta and assuming that Raila keeps believing them, they will bomb him in August.

Mutahi encouraged Raila to enact the apparatus he has been utilizing in the last three decisions or, in all likelihood Deputy President William Ruto will embarrass him in August.

“On the off chance that DEEP STATE has bombed Uhuru Kenyatta, they will FAIL Raila in this ELECTION.

“Raila ought to ACTIVATE the apparatus that has given him 44% in three ELECTIONS,” Ngunyi said.