Betty Kyallo Goes on a Solo Trip to Watamu Despite Breakup Rumors With Her Luo Lover – Behaves on Social Media Like a Grieving Lady [PHOTOS]

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Blurred TV anchor turned businesslady, Betty Kyallo, has been stayed in Watamu since Thursday.

The single parent of one flew for an excursion in the supernatural seaside city alone, in the midst of separate tales with her hunk Luo life partner Nick Ndeda.

Word has it that Nick and Betty are presently not a thing.

While in Watamu, she has been posting a few obscure messages on her web-based media pages that have left her fans hypothesizing.

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In one of the posts, she expresses, “So my Only Titles are Mama Ivanna and Accomplished CEO. Cheerfully,”

The obscure post left a portion of her fans contemplating whether she would rather not be related with her beau Nick any longer.

“I sense separate yet allowed me to mind my business,” one of her adherents composed.

Fans have additionally noticed that Nick and Betty as of now not post photographs together and trade heartfelt notes like they used to do a couple of months prior.

Tea Master Edgar Obare had before implied that the two lovebirds had separated through his BNN page before it was deactivated.

The following are photographs of Betty Kyallo’s get-away in Watamu.

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