Boondocks Gang Member Exray Rebukes DP Ruto for Using His Song ‘Sipangwingwi’ in His Campaigns

Boondocks Gang Member Exray Rebukes DP Ruto for Using His Song 'Sipangwingwi' in His Campaigns

Now, it would be criminal not to have heard the word Sipangwingwi. The expression is the most up to date shoptalk around following the achievement of a viral Gengetone melody by a similar name.

Made by hitmakers Exray, Trio Mio and Ssaru, ‘Sipangwingwi’, which freely implies that nobody makes arrangements for me, even grabbed the eye of Deputy President William Ruto.

The DP utilized the term at one of his political capacities, no doubt arousing a lot of entertainment for Kenyans.

“Despicable Kenyans have said they are not organized and I want to tell you, I as a hawker Hawapangwingwi, they can be organized by the underground government, Wapangwe by the framework but Hatupangwingwi” Ruto said the week before.

Furthermore now, Gengetone rapper Exray Taniua (conceived Tony Kinyanjui) has uncovered how he felt about Ruto utilizing Sipangwingwi.

“Somebody called to tell me, ‘Your melody has been played at a Ruto occasion.’ I think it was at a ladies’ gathering. I was sent a video of ladies chiming in to the melody, and I was exceptionally cheerful. Then, at that point, I saw Ruto in the news utilizing the term. I’m exceptionally thankful that the melody has arrived at everybody from the two sexes and across all ages,” he says.

Sipangwingwi hitmaker, Exray Taniua with his producer, Magix Enga
Usherati hitmaker, Exray Taniua with his producer, Magix Enga. /PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK

Exray noticed that strain from society roused the melody. He said composed the tune around four months prior and imparted it to Trio Mio and Ssaru. The previous was in school and they could just finish the melody during the school break.

Boondocks Gang Member Exray

“Individuals continued to tell me, ‘When will you deliver your next tune? At the point when will you do various things?’ So, there was some tension from the inquiries from individuals. Along these lines, nikaamua basi, mi nitatoa ngoma siku ile nataka; so sipangwingwi,” he clarifies.

“I didn’t anticipate that it should be that a lot of a hymn. However, I realized individuals would adore this is on the grounds that nobody anticipated that I should do a tune with both Trio and Ssaru,” Exray adds.

Exray, 33% of the Gengetone bunch Boondocks, noticed that ‘Sipangwingwi’ was intended to be a vibe decent tune.

“It will clearly be a major tune prior and then afterward the political race. Yet, it’s anything but a political melody. It’s simply a vibe decent tune for everybody from each clan. I know nothing in it that is identified with the 2022 races however I know it’s a vibe decent melody,” he said.

With a huge number of perspectives across streaming destinations and social stages, has ‘Sipangwingwi’ welcomed a profit from venture.

“It has effectively brought back (the underlying venture), in light of the fact that there are heaps of activities we are doing with the tune like live shows. There are likewise YouTube eminences and there are additionally streaming stages,” Exray says.