BREAKING: Maria Rushed to Hospital After Abortion Gone Sower

Said Yasmin Maria of Citizen Tv’s Maria series was brought to the hospital this morning after attempting to terminate the pregnancy.

Rumors circulated that she was impregnated by her boss, Rashid Abdalla, but he did not want this to be the catalyst for his divorce with Lulu Hassan.

Maria, according to doctors, lost a lot of blood after taking misoprostol tablets, which were supposed to end her two-month pregnancy.

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However, she is currently in a stable state and continues to get therapy.

Maria had been anxious for the last six days, according to her cousin Amina, when her manager informed her that if she kept the pregnancy, she would lose her Citizen Tv role.

She was paid 10,000 shillings to have the treatment, but she chose to buy tablets and perform it herself since she was afraid the physicians would reveal her.

Rashid now claims that he did not make physical contact with Maria and that he would never consider sleeping with such a young girl. Let us all wish Maria a speedy recovery throughout her therapy.