Child Number Two Is Loading – Vera Sidika, Brown Mauzo Reveal

Beach front performer Brown Mauzo and his socialite cum-finance manager spouse Vera Sidika appear to appreciate parenthood.

The two people in love invited their first conceived child young lady Asia Brown on October 20, 2021.
Scarcely seven days after the child was conceived the ‘Nimchague nani’ singer has uncovered that he needs child number two.
In a post on his Instagram page, Mauzo states that his home has been loaded up with delight since the appearance of Asia.
He further requested that his fans assist him with persuading Vera Sidika to get another Baby.
His post immediately pulled in responses from fans who for the most part remarked with snickering emoticons.
His significant other additionally reacted with an inquiry, asking Mauzo the number of Kids he needed.
She further expressed that child number two was stacking plainly showing that she is prepared for one more baby.