Congratulations To Those Who Bought Luo Festival Tickets

The organizing company of the Luo Festival “Arena Media” has assured all those who had purchased tickets to the festival that the tickets are still valid.

The festival was supposed to be held on August 28, 2021 at Carnivore Stadium in Nairobi but was canceled. 
The government through the ministry of internal defense suspended the festival after receiving requests to organize it due to fears of the spread of Corona virus.
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The Nairobi police commander’s office has asked the festival’s organizers to postpone it until changes are made to the conditions set by the government to control the spread of the Corona virus.
The organizers of the festival have not given an official date for organizing the festival but according to the advertisements on their social media accounts it will be organized soon and those who bought tickets for the festival that did not take place will be able to use them at that time. 
Artists who were originally scheduled to perform at the festival included Emma Jalamo, Prince Indah, Musa Jakadala, Bandaski, Breezy, Awicko and Elisha Toto among others.
Organizers say they are currently in talks with the artists to agree on a new date for the festival, which they say is not easy as some have already planned their own concerts.