Davido donating Sh68M to orphans after donating money to fans

Afrobeats music star Davido says he will donate 250 million naira ($ 608,000; £ 450,000) (Ksh 68,000,000) to orphans in Nigeria after his fans spent money on him.

Earlier this week, the popular musician asked fans who believe he “gave them a good song” to send him money to a bank account that had his names on it.
On Saturday Davido said the request was “ridiculous”, but exceeded his expectations.
He thanked all those who gave him financial support, as he announced how they would be used.
The orphanage includes donations from fans as well as a personal contribution of 50 million naira.
Davido is considered one of the biggest music stars on the continent. He has won MTV and BET music awards and collaborated music with international artists including Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj.
His request through social media was received with mixed reactions. Some said that the star, who has more than 22 million followers on Instagram, often shows off her luxurious lifestyle on the internet.
In a mock Twitter message, Davido said his goal was to raise money to allow his Rolls-Royce luxury car to be released from the port.
He then provided account details and a photo of the phone showing the cost of the car as it continues to increase as the days go by due to delays at the port.
In a statement on Saturday, the singer said it was his goal to raise money for a birthday every year to provide support to the community.
“I’ve always been very passionate about giving back and helping people,” he said.