DCI Catches Slay Queens Using ‘Mchele’ to Drugs Men


A day after the assassination of Samuel Mugo Muvota, DCI Criminal Investigators have revealed some of his slay queen accomplices were harassing customers in bars and entertainment venues.

The slay queens, who are said to be good at delivering drugs to customers in bars, were able to identify people who had a lot of money in their bank accounts.

Many of them had been arrested, but Muvota intervened and rescued the women.

However most of these cases were not reported as some men were married while others were respectable people in the community who did not want the matter to be known.

After Muvota’s death and his deputy fled after Muvota’s assassination, DCI predicts that the pishori business has now collapsed.

Many of the women have now fled the city to the countryside to monitor the situation.

Bar owners have been ordered to be vigilant against the women and to report the suspects.

DCI Catches Slay Queens Using ‘Mchele’ to Drugs Men