Dennis Itumbi Kidnapped and Not in Police Station, According to His Family

Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi at court hearing. /PHOTO: TWITTER

Public Communications and Digital Strategist trained professional, Dennis Itumbi, isn’t in Police Station as per his family and legal advisors following reports of his kidnapping.

While addressing the press on Thursday, December 23, Itumbi’s family expressed that their kinfolk was not at the Parklands Police station as they had been educated.

His sibling, David Itumbi, expressed that Itumbi was taken from Thindigua by three obscure men who whisked him away in a white vehicle yet they didn’t take him to the police headquarters.

David let writers know that they presumed some injustice in Itumbi’s vanishing and asked the public authority to deliver his sibling assuming they are holding him.

Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi
Dennis Itumbi. /PHOTO: TWITTER

“We are extremely worried as the family. I was with Dennis the previous evening and he was taking drug and we feel that whoever is holding him, we are thinking some injustice. The public authority ought to permit us to give him his medications. We ask the public authority to let us know where he is,” David expressed.

Itumbi’s attorney, Moses Chelangach, let the press know that David called him and informed him that Dennis had been taken by obscure men. The family was educated that Itumbi had been reserved at Parklands Police station however they didn’t track down him there.

“His telephone is going through and tragically the public authority isn’t letting us know where he is yet they have the apparatuses to find him. We accept Dennis vanishing is being authorized by the State,” Chelangach expressed.

“We additionally have motivations to accept that being a long bubbly season individuals will need to hold him for five days in care on the grounds that the following court appearance is on December 27,” he added as he begged the police to uncover Itumbi’s whereabouts.

His feelings on Itumbi’s vanishing were reverberated by Nandi Senator, Samson Cherargei, who thought that the State takes part in Itumbi’s vanishing.

Cherargei further expressed that observes saw individuals who took Itumbi. He added that it is unreasonable for the State to hold the UDA Communications and Digital Strategist expert during this period, particularly with his medical problems.

“We know very well that Dennis Itumbi has been uncovering the foolishness that senior government authorities have been doing. We accept this is a political quarrel against Itumbi and we should move the public authority to deliver him,” the Nandi representative expressed.

“This nation isn’t a banana republic where someone awakens one day and chooses to make the law. Those individuals who are in these administration workplaces that run the device of Interior and security ought to be advised. They may think they have power however I can guarantee them they will serve their prison terms,” he added.

Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi his wife and Deputy President William Ruto
Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi his wife and Deputy President William Ruto. /PHOTO: FACEBOOK